Plastic Granulator vs shredder- Picking the best option

by Robert P.

Granulators for plastic and shredders have been the focus of other processors for years now. While each one offers its advantages, it’s always been a debate about which one of them is better. For others, the debate borders around when you should use either of them. So will it be plastic granulators or the plastic shredder?

If you are a rookie to both types of machines, this might sound all confusing. However, not to worry. This article will provide you with all the things you need to know about both machines.

Afterward, picking the one you prefer will be a piece of cake.

Advantages of Plastic Granulators

Here are some of the top benefits of plastic granulators

1. Regrind size

One of the major advantages of using plastic granulators can be seen in their regrind size. The plastic granulator can make granules that are of perfect size. These sizes have been compared to virgin pellets.

What this does is that it gives the regrind process the ability to produce more at a very high speed.

2. Variety

The plastic granulator is actually of two types. The first is the large central plastic granulators. However, the other plastic granulator is often referred to as beside the machine granulator. Both have their unique functions. Choosing one over the other solely depends on your targets.

Cons of a plastic granulator

The major drawback of a plastic granulator is its response to large parts. Most plastic granulators simply cannot handle these large parts at once. Most people find it useful to cut them into size before placing them in the plastic granulators.

Advantages of the plastic shredder

Here are some pros of using the plastic shredder

1. Perfect for heavy scrap

If you are looking for a machine that can easily deal with a thick dense of scrap, then the shredder is really your best option.

This is different from the plastic granulator that only really works well with smaller scraps.

Cons of using a plastic shredder

There are a few drawbacks you have to consider with the plastic shredder. There’s really no variety with plastic shredders. They mostly are centralized. This is different from plastic granulators which come in two types of machines.

While plastic shredders are good with heavy dense materials, this is different from smaller materials. If you have smaller materials you want to cut into precise parts, then choosing the plastic granulators might be the choice for you.

Which should you choose?

So which machine is best for you? It really depends on the work you need to do. If you have smaller scraps, then the plastic granulator is the best. However, if they are much bigger and denser, a plastic shredder will be the best choice all day long.


So there you have it! Plastic granulators and shredders are both magnificent tools that get the job done right. If you are thinking of using any of them, the points listed above will definitely be of help. You will be able to make the best decisions for you and your business.

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