Facts You Must Know About CNC Aluminum Machining

by Robert P.

Is machining aluminum a useful process? Yes. This is because aluminum is a material that is used mostly for machining.

Aluminum has very good machinability and that makes it the preferred material for manufacturers. The thermal properties and mechanical properties are groundbreaking.

Aluminum is easy to shape, and aluminum alloy can be compared to many other lightweight metals such as titanium and magnesium.

Aluminum has excellent machinability, its weight, its mechanical properties, and thermal properties makes it a valuable material to manufacturers

With wonderful properties, lightweight, and machinability, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines can carry out their prototyping with aluminum as its machined material.

There has been immense growth in the market of prototypes and CNC machined products over the years with an increase in the production of automotive parts.

Here are some things you did not know about CNC aluminum machining

Facts You Should Know About CNC Aluminum Machining

The Material: Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight, soft metal that is durable. Aluminum is usually dull grey and sometimes silver. The smoothness and roughness of the surface sometimes affect the color you see.

Aluminum Prototypes

Prototypes made from the machining of aluminum are used based on the versatility of alloys. 6061-T6 is an alloy that is used more than others.

This is because of its versatility. This alloy is in the electronics, military industry, aerospace industry, and even the transportation industry.

The alloys of aluminum have high strength but low density. With the CNC machine that has an aluminum material, you can produce quality prototypes of aluminum.

With a high-precision machine like the CNC machine, there is no competition. The CNC machine is perfect for the job.

Machined Aluminum Parts

A variety of industries have benefited from the products of CCN machined aluminum. And it has fed and enabled many services around the world.

In the engineering sector alone, CNC machined aluminum has been serving and will keep serving for a long time. Here are some machined aluminum parts:

  • Medical devices
  • Spline shafts
  • EMI-housing
  • Frontal panels
  • Dowels pins

Choice of Aluminum Grade

Did you know that the aluminum grade you choose is dependent on the machining projects? It is! Choosing the aluminum grade makes it easy for you to use the characteristics to measure the grades.

The aluminum grade is done according to its characteristics and importance. This measurement helps you choose the right aluminum grade for specific needs and shapes.

Some grades like aluminum 2024 are known for their use in the military and aerospace industries. This is because of its high strength and high resistance to wear.

Another example is the aluminum 6061. It is tough and is easy to weld. It has high corrosion resistance in bad conditions.

Aluminum 7075 is also notorious for its fatigue strength. It is used for tough parts and not so good for welding. It has high corrosion resistance and it is costly.


Aluminum is a great material for manufacturing. The world has seen and felt its power. Its use in the medical industry is a blessing to global health.

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