Hydraulic press brakes: what are they, and how do they work?

by Robert P.
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BLY Hydraulic press is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic presses and other hydraulic press supplies. The company manufacturers its products with quality and precision in mind. BLY is also a leading cheap hydraulic press brake exporter. This post covers essential details you should know about hydraulic press brakes.

What is a press brake?

A press brake is a manufacturing tool used for bending sheet metal. The tools bend sheet metals by lowering a punch onto the workpiece. The workpiece or sheet metal is usually positioned on top of the die and beneath the matching punch. In most cases, the press brake works several times to achieve the desired times. In simpler terms, the sheet metal or workpiece may require several bends to reach the desired form. Note that the bends are usually predetermined.

Why are they called press brakes?

Given the purpose of this tool, there have been a lot of questions around the name choice. Some people argue that the tool should be a bending machine or a hydraulic or sheet metal bending machine. However, the term press brake was carefully and intentionally selected.

The word brake refers to slowing down or stopping, as it is used in the automotive industry. However, in the 15th century, the word referred to something entirely different. At the time, the word was used to refer to an instrument used for crushing or pounding. Therefore, in the 15th century, a brake was a machine used for crushing grain. Therefore, the term press brake is applied since a press machine is used for crushing and pounding products during various fabrication processes.

How does a press brake look?

A standard press brake is usually narrow and long. This element makes it suitable for bending various sheet metal sizes.

What are the various types of press brakes?

The press brakes come in a wide range of types. They are mainly categorized based on the amount of force they provide. The force provided by a press brake is known as the tonnage. The tonnage can also be defined as the measure of the tons of force provided by the press brake. There are two primary types of hydraulic press brakes. They are;

  • Servo electric press brakes- these tools offer a higher degree of accuracy. They also feature a higher tonnage than the latter.
  • Pneumatic press brakes- these press brakes are faster than the former. However, they may not be as accurate, and their tonnage is slightly low.

It is also worth mentioning that other press brakes may feature varying speeds. This is usually determined by their design and construction.


Note that the task of bending sheet metals requires a large amount of force to achieve. When determining the best press brake for your application, it would be wise to consider the physical properties of the metal you are using. Stronger metals may require a press brake with a higher tonnage or bending force. Regardless, it would be wise to select an option that is suitable for the application at hand.

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