Custom Machining And When You Need It

by Robert P.

Custom machining refers to the process of designing equipment to meet specific requirements, which involve an accumulation of several parts tailored to serve the need for accuracy, high performance, and uniqueness to serve the particular need of the user. They are built for specific projects and can be made with various materials such as plastics and metals in varying sizes through a computer-controlled or manual process. Generally, the multiple methods of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) such as printing, milling, and turning is also what customing entails.

Many persons and organization opt for customed parts as it suits their current need, are produced with a satisfying speed level, accurate and innovative. These customed parts involve several processes in production such as milling, drilling, shaping, sawing, and, boring and can be carried out manually or electronically depending on the nature of the job. When carrying out custom machining, it is required to meet professionals such as the experienced machinist of 3ERP to get maximal and efficient results.

When to use custom machining?

· Speed

Unlike other major methods, such as fabrication and printing, custom machining is much faster as they require lesser time to set up and work with a more accurate speed level, thus when equipment needs to be made urgently, this is the go-to process. Not only does it work its speed, but it also produces high-quality outputs, especially in small quantities.

· Speciality

Customing parts poses to serve the special need of the user by fulfilling the special requirements intended towards a part/equipment. The process is flexible enough to include several adaptations that suit the user’s needs, which are not found in other normal productions.

· Combinations

If a user desires to combine several elements to form equipment, customing can merge various parts accurately and uniquely to bring about high performance varying features.

· Unavailability

 When desired parts are unavailable from the supplier, users can custom the relevant parts to suit their needs and standard desired by the user.

· Accuracy

Customed parts provide the right amount of accuracy even when dealing with metals and plastics, thus enabling them to carry out the task they were made for. They provide the right details and strength, which brings about high performance and usability.

· Low Cost

 Initially, producing customed parts was expensive, but, due to recent various innovative methods now available, the process is now less expensive to carry out.

· Semi-Automatically Controlled

The customing process allows for convenience on the part of the operator by being partially able to operate itself, thereby reducing monotony and boredom.

· Fine results

It is inarguable that custom machined parts provide better fine and quality outputs and are more attractive than alternative methods.


Custom Machining is a fast and accurate process that seeks to accomplish the need of creating special types of equipment that serves the varying and rising needs of the user by allowing them to custom high-performance parts that suit their need and promotes convenience. They are processes that create unique products that accommodate usage when time and speed are of the essence, required parts are unavailable, variable combinations are needed, and top-notch accuracy is expected.

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