Top 15 Factors To Consider When Buying An FDM 3D Printer

by Robert P.
FDM 3D Printer

FDM 3D printer, among other types of printers, is gradually becoming a norm in modern times, and its manufacturers are striving to make it all-encompassing, easy, and versatile. With the various needs and projects surrounding users, one can be ambiguous in choosing the right printer. This article highlights the essential factors that this kind of printer should possess to carry out a very good job.

Essential factors involved when buying a 3D printer

  • High printing quality

The resolution of a good printer is of high importance. It should make a good output that has high-quality prints.

  • Speedy printing

Speed is essential to save time and maintain high output. As a reference, when it comes to time-saving, Ender 6 printer is just the right printer. It demonstrates thrice the amount of speed than other printing devices while also providing fine output.

  • Ease in leveling

A good 3D printer should demonstrate the ease and good speed as it regards leveling. This is necessary because good leveling makes a print more accurate and scratch-free. A buyer should consider a printer with leveling that is fast and innovative.

  • Lesser noise

One should consider the amount of noise a printer makes. A good printer should produce less noise and be convenient for the user.

  • Accuracy on details and smoothness

These kinds of printers should make fine and accurate details in its output. The prints should also be smooth and not miss out on any detail.

  • Filtration of the air

Good printers should deodorize the stench coming from the material used in printing. For instance, the Creality’s LD 002R printer can purify the air of the odor that comes from the resin used in printing with it’s carbonized filtration system and fan.

  • Stability

Good printers should be stable enough when printing to avoid errors that may result from the vibration of the printer.

  • Fast heating

A buyer should consider the heating speed of the printer. Fast heating up results in smooth results.

  • Affordability

A good printer should not come with exorbitant prices. The price of a printer is also essential to suit the budget of the buyer.

  • Continuation of prints

A buyer should consider the ability of a printer to resume prints works that weren’t completed due to power outage or some other error. This is essential as it saves time and prevents the wastage of materials.

  • Durability and maintenance

Good printers should be long-lasting and easy to maintain.

  • Interface

The interface should be a touchscreen, colorful, easy to understand and operate.

  • Size of Prints

The buyer should consider the kind of size the printer produces. The buyer may decide to go for a printer with large prints that can print all kinds of sizes or a smaller printer.

  • Accessories

A good printer should come with relevant accessories like scrappers, screws, gloves, masks, USB or SD card, etc.

  • Suitability for all

Good printers should be suitable for various persons and institutions to satisfy their needs.


Buyers should get the best when looking for an FDM 3D printer. With these factors listed above, a buyer can easily select the right printer that would suit their convenience and needs while producing maximum output.

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