Advantages of using NovaStar LED Screen Controller

by Robert P.

Why hire a NovaStar LED display controller? Is NovaStar the best LED Screen Hire controller?

NovaStar is a leading global LED display solution for a variety of industries like the entertainment and broadcasting industries. Apart from developing digital control solutions, NovaStar also offers high-end rental and hire services for an LED screen display controller.

For TV and stage control, the C1 control console, the NovaStar J6 seamless switcher, or N9 as a switcher, splicer, and processor are a perfect choice.

The C1 console, mainly designed for live stage control, has a T-Bar and a joystick. The T-bar adjusts the level of layer transparency for transition effects on PVW and PGM switching. The joystick is used to adjust the layer size and position. These functions make the C1 easy to operate, making live stage management and control convenient. The N9 and NovaPro J6 seamless screen splicer are high-performance switchers and splicers that integrate multiple screen displays, video processing, screen mosaic, and transitional effects.

Advantages of using Hiring NovaStar LED screen controller:-

  1. NovaStar provides a high-end rental solution. The technology used on the J6 and N9 ensures that you have a professional and quality video display.
  2. The devices are compatible and support multiple standard industry inputs and outputs that give you options to choose from, for instance, HDMI, VGA, SDI-G3, USB, DP, DVI, Ethernet, etc.
  3. The J6 and N9 are both compatible with V-Can software hence can both be controlled with a PC remote with Windows, MacOS, IPad, or a smartphone device.
  4. The devices have dual system modes. They can be a switcher or a splicer.
  5. The processors have multiple operation modes. You can control them via their own control panel, the C1 Controller, or the V-Can software.
  6. You get quality HD display at an affordable price through our high-end rental solution.
  7. Stable and reliable equipment with redundant backup outputs.
  8. Real 4k breathtaking visuals.
  9. The devices support up to 1024 steps of fade-in and fade-out.
  10. Supports up to 3 aux outputs that can be used for a teleprompter.
  11. Multiple layers that allow for creative arrangement, flexible switching, and splicing.
  12. Supports GenLock synchronization you to choose any input source or an external synchronization source.
  13. Energy conservation. The C1 controller console, the N9, and J6 seamless splicer do not use a lot of energy.
  14. NovaStar devices met all the standard requirements of the broadcasting industry.
  15. High-resolution windows can be displayed simultaneously with a maximum resolution of up to 7680×1080@60Hz.
  16. The N9 supports EDID management and input cropping.

NovaStar is dedicated to providing the best-LED display solution to our customers in the broadcasting and entertainment industries. With offices and authorized distributors across the world, you can get our products easily or talk to our customer care that offers twenty-four hours of support for LED screen hire controller. We will provide you with the best and professional solution for your entertainment event or broadcasting.

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